A Drink in the Passage (2002)                                                 South Africa

Dir: Zola Maseko                                                                                29 min

U.S. PREMIERE                                                                                     Short

Adapted from the Alan Paton short story, an award-winning black sculptor enters a competition that, unbeknown to him, is for whites only.

Sunday, 2/9, 11:00am; Wednesday, 2/12, 7:00pm; Monday, 2/17, 10:00am


Afro Deutsch (2001)                                                                    Germany

Dir: Ayassi                                                                                    10 1/2 min


A young black male has to escape from a group of racists. On his run he sees flashes of experiences of his entire life.

Sunday, 2/9, 11:00am


Amandla! A Revolution in Four Part Harmony (2001)             South Africa/USA

Dir: Lee Hirsch                                                                                    98 min


In South Africa music was a major source of inspiration and hope in the struggle against apartheid. A joyous musical celebration of the indomitable human spirit charted through the music of struggle.

Saturday, 2/8, 6:05pm; Tuesday, 2/11, 8:50pm


Amilcar Cabral (2001)                                                             Cape Verde

Dir: Ana Lisboa                                                                                   59 min

L.A. PREMIERE                                                                         Documentary

Through the use of archival footage, testimony of his friends and the re-creation of some episodes of his life, a portrait of the leader of the Liberation Movement of Cape Verde and Guinea Bissau is masterfully created. He is seen as a man, politician, humanist, poet and, in some respects, as a myth.

Saturday, 2/8, 6:30pm; Monday, 2/17, 10:00am


Anne B. Real (2003)                                                                            USA

Dir: Lisa France                                                                                  91 min

World Premiere                                                                                   Feature

A young girl learns to cope with the adversities of urban life using the "Diary of Anne Frank" as her inspiration. Contemporary hip-hop drama with outstanding performances by Carlos Leon and newcomer Janice Richardson. Featuring Ernie Hudson.

Saturday, 2/8, 8:25pm; Sunday, 2/16, 4:00pm; Monday, 2/17, 2:40pm

Bamako Sigi Kan (2002)                                                            Mali/USA

Dir: Manthia Diawara                                                                          76 min


An examination of the clash between globalization and traditional African values set in the ancient city of Bamako.

Monday, 2/10, 9:25pm; Tuesday, 2/11, 10:40pm


Barbara James (2001)                                                                  Canada

Dir: Winston W. Moxam                                                                      79 min

L.A. PREMIERE                                                                                  Feature

Barbara James is a thirty-something, single, hip and opinionated pregnant black woman. Faced with an abundance of life’s obstacles compounded by mistakes, misinterpretations and miscalculations, she must decide whether or not to keep her child.

Wednesday, 2/12, 3:40pm; Saturday, 2/15, 12:30pm; Monday, 2/17, 10:20am


Beautiful (2002)                                                                                   USA

Dir: Anthony Luckett                                                                           26 min

U.S. PREMIERE                                                                                     Short

A confident artist with a disfigured face attempts to show his insecure but attractive neighbor that she is beautiful regardless of how she looks, but her abusive boyfriend keeps interfering.

Friday, 2/14, 1:00pm


Bella (2002)                                                                                           USA

Dir: Physent Walker                                                                            20 min


Love story between an older woman and a younger man.

Friday, 2/14, 1:00pm Q&A


Beloved (1998)                                                                                     USA

Dir: Jonathan Demme                                                                       172 min


Sethe is a runaway slave struggling to carve out her own simple existence with her children in rural Ohio in1873. Preventing her from achieving that, however, is the painful legacy of her former life and the desperate measures to which she is driven to keep herself and her family from returning to it. Stars Oprah Winfrey, Danny Glover and Thandie Newton.

Friday, 2/7, 3:30pm


Benjamin and His Brother (2002)                                                  Sudan/UK/USA

Dir: Arthur Howes                                                                               88 min

L.A. PREMIERE                                                                             Documentary

Years of civil war in the Sudan have created a generation of young men known as the "lost boys", separated from home and parents, who have spent most of their lives in refugee camps. This intimate film recounts the story of Benjamin and William Deng, brothers joined in the struggle of a seemingly never-ending exile, who are then separated when one is accepted into a United States resettlement program.

Tuesday, 2/11, 3:15pm


Betting on Love (2002)                                                                     Cote d'Ivoire

Dir: Didier Aufort                                                                                 97 min


A modern African tale of a young hairdresser who leads a quiet life in Abidjan while planning for her upcoming wedding. Her world is turned upside down when she wins big at the horse races. Filmed in Abidjan, Paris and Dakar.

Monday, 2/10, 1:00pm; Thursday, 2/13, 3:30pm; Friday, 2/14, 7:20pm; Monday, 2/17, 12:10pm Q&A


Big Pun: Still Not A Player (2002)                                                       USA

Dir: Marcos Antonio Miranda                                                               110 min

WEST COAST PREMIERE                                                            Documentary

An intimate journey through the life of Christopher "Big Pun" Rios, the rap artist better known as the "Punisher." His debut album sold over 2 million copies. A unique and frightening, sometimes beautiful, painful, haunting and poignant story offering an intimate look inside the world of hip-hop and into the ravaged life of one of its most popular figures.

Saturday, 2/15, 9:30pm; Monday, 2/17, 4:30pm


Big Wigs (2002)                                                                                   USA

Dir: Mad Mathewz                                                                               26 min


A portrait of a struggling white rapper's quest to break into the music industry. A classic and universal story of the talented but struggling artist.

Thursday, 2/13, 8:20pm; Saturday, 2/15, 9:30pm


Billie (2002)                                                                                           USA

Dir: Beverly Rouse                                                                        26 1/2 min

U.S. PREMIERE                                                                                     Short

In the midst of a family crisis, a little girl finds refuge in ballet.

Tuesday, 2/11, 1:00pm; Wednesday, 2/12, 3:40pm Q&A


Black Beans & Rice* (2002)                                                              USA

Dir: Doug Thompson                                                                           88 min


A female television reporter has some interesting social, sexual and romantic encounters while investigating alleged gang-related murders in Miami. An exploration of the multicultural mix of South Florida.

Saturday, 2/8, 4:30pm; Thursday, 2/13, 3:45pm


Black Chicks Talking (2002)                                                          Australia

Dir: Leah Purcell                                                                                 50 min


Five indigenous women explore what it means to be Black in Australia today. Often joyful, sometimes harrowing, it is a passionate and challenging exploration of Black identity and a celebration of five very different lives.

Monday, 2/10, 5:20pm; Tuesday, 2/11, 1:15pm


Black Soul (2000)                                                                           Canada

Dir: Martine Chartrand                                                                          9 min


In a mesmerizing swirl of light and color, an old lady initiates her grandson into his past. The boy’s ancestry is traced from the mighty Pharaohs to the valiant kings whose praises are sung by a griot beneath the baobab tree to the slave markets of the Americas and through the civil rights struggle.

Monday, 2/10, 3:15pm; Saturday, 2/15, 2:30pm


Bloco Afro and Afoxé: Afro-Brazilian Carnival as a Political and Religious Stage (2002)                                                                                           Brazil/USA

Dir: Carolina Moraes-Liu                                                                    18 min

L.A. PREMIERE                                                                         Documentary

Musical performances, dances and religious manifestations capture the energy of Carnival in Salvador, in northeastern Brazil, one of the largest and most popular celebrations in the world.

Monday, 2/10, 9:25pm Q&A


Blue Moon (2002)                                                                                USA

Dir: Xavier Greene                                                                              29 min

WORLD PREMIERE                                                                              Short

Examination of love and life and the consequences of taking the two of them for granted.

Wednesday, 2/12, 6:15pm; Friday, 2/14, 1:00pm Q&A


Breath Control: The History of the Human Beat Box (2002)               USA

Dir: Joey Garfield                                                                                75 min


The art of making music with nothing but the human voice is one of the key elements in the development of hip-hop culture. Interviews, live performances, archival footage and animation bring to light this important and neglected ingredient of hip-hop's identity. With the help of Beat Box pioneers Doug E. Fresh, Biz Markie and the Fat Boys, beat box is traced from its basic beat beginnings in the '80s to today's multi-layered, polyrhythmic styles of The Roots' figureheads Rahzel and Scratch.

Saturday, 2/8, 10:50pm


Brother Outsider: The Life of Bayard Rustin (2002)                            USA

Dir: Nancy Kates & Bennett Singer                                                    84 min


Long in the shadow of Martin Luther King, Jr., partly by his own design, Bayard Rustin was one of the chief strategists and organizers of the Civil Rights Movement. A tireless and intrepid warrior for justice, Bayard’s life is explored from his collegiate days as a music student enthralled by the ideals of Communism, to his imprisonment for conscientious objection to World War II, to his crucial role advising Dr. King on the tactics of nonviolent resistance.  Proud, Black and gay, Rustin's life is also a study in determination, discipline and self-denial. Myriad testimonials from colleagues and friends, stirring songs of protest sung by Rustin himself and electrifying archival footage round out this inspiring and long-overdue portrait.

Thursday, 2/13, 1:00pm; Friday, 2/14, 5:15pm

China (2002)                                                                                         USA

Dir: Jeffrey C. Wray                                                                            60 min

WORLD PREMIERE                                                                              Short

A couple are living a settled if unexciting life after 30 years of marriage. When the unfulfilled and unhealthy Rudolph suddenly takes up martial arts, Evelyn begins to question her place in his journey of growth and fulfillment.

Monday, 2/10, 3:50pm; Wednesday, 2/12, 7:00pm; Friday, 2/14, 3:30pm




Civil Brand* (2002)                                                                              USA

Dir: Neema Barnette                                                                           95 min


When a beautiful young nurse and mother (LisaRaye) is incarcerated for killing her abusive husband, she doesn't realize that she has just become a newly initiated working member of one of the most profitable businesses in America--the prison industrial complex. Also stars N'Bushe Wright, Monica Calhoun, DaBrat, MC Lyte, Mos Def, Clifton Powell, Reed McCants and Lark Voorhees.

Thursday, 2/6; 7:00pm; Saturday, 2/15, 8:45pm Q&A


Coffee, Tea, or Milk (2001)                                                                   USA

Dir: Natasha Morris                                                                            10 min

WEST COAST PREMIERE                                                                    Short

Five African-American men engage in an emotional conversation exploring the factors, influences and experiences that define their relationships with and preferences in women.

Tuesday, 2/11, 6:05pm


Colour Blind (2002)                                                                             USA

Dir: Davon E. Johnson                                                                        85 min

U.S. PREMIERE                                                                                 Feature

Three friends form a bond of friendship that the pressures of inner-city life cannot break.

Official Selection: Jamaican Film Festival

Saturday, 2/8, 12:00pm; Wednesday, 2/12, 8:20pm Q&A


Concrete (2001)                                                                                   USA

Dir: Andy Watts                                                                                   15 min


When a reserved botanist tries to teach a little girl about the world of plants, he finds that she is, in fact, teaching him about the world of people.

Best Student Short: Yellowstone Film Festival

Saturday, 2/8, 1:00pm


Currency (2001)                                                                                 USA

Dir: Leona Whitney Beatty                                                              8 1/2 min


An exploration of the value people place on their money and the money people place on their values, following the path of a single dollar bill as it passes between seven different people in an urban city.

Tuesday, 2/11, 1:00pm Q&A


Cut Me a New Path (2003)                                                                 USA

Dir: Deidre Thomas                                                                            94 min


Three childhood friends make a pact to always be there for each other. Although taking different paths in life, they remain friends, helping each other through the difficulties of life.

Monday 2/10, 9:30pm Q&A


Cutting Horse (2001)                                                                          USA

Dir: Larry Clark                                                                                 124 min

L.A. PREMIERE                                                                                  Feature

A modern day western about legendary horseman, Tyler, who returns home after ten years of drifting only to find that his uncle, Doc Pete, and his old friend Sanchez are besieged with a host of problems having to do with sick horses. The hazardous waste from a nearby chemical company owned by Sanchez's mortal enemy, Neil Stone, ends Doc Pete and Sanchez's dream of owning a champion Cutting Horse when their prize horses mysteriously die. At the heart of the film is the bittersweet memories of unrequited love and the dark secret that Sanchez and Stone have shared for over thirty years.

Friday, 2/14, 1:30pm; Saturday, 2/15, 6:05pm Q&A


Cycle (2002)                                                                                          USA

Dir: Nguyen Tran Minh Chieu                                                         7 1/2 min

WEST COAST PREMIERE                                                                    Short

An urban tale of crime, karma and obsession.

Saturday, 2/8, 1:00pm Q&A

Dadá (2001)                                                                                         Brazil

Dir: Eduardo Vaisman                                                                        20 min


A film within a film. The fictional Dilson, Dadá and Denis, three inseparable friends who live in Vidigal, a hillside shantytown in Rio de Janeiro, mirror the lives of Jonathan, Thaísa and Jésus, three actors who live in Vidigal and participate in the making of a short film.

Monday 2/10, 9:30pm


Denis A. Charles: An Interrupted Conversation (2002)                         USA

Dir: Veronique N. Doumbe                                                                 75 min

L.A. PREMIERE                                                                         Documentary

The story of one man's struggle to follow his dream and the obstacles he encounters in his professional as well as his personal life.

Best Film/Video Documentary Production: XVII Black International Cinema-Berlin; 2002 Audience Award/Best Feature: First Detroit Docs; Ciny Award 2002/Outstanding Documentary: CinewomenNY

Wednesday, 2/12, 1:30pm


Destiny (2002)                                                                                    Canada

Dir: Laurie Lambert                                                                             20 min

U.S. PREMIERE                                                                                     Short

A teenage girl insists on becoming an actress against the will of her West Indian grandmother who believes that acting is no profession for a decent girl to aspire to. Taking no heed of this old-fashioned advice, the headstrong and determined teenager attends a music video audition. Faced with a choice, the teen has to decide how far she is willing to go to promote her career.

Saturday, 2/8, 1:00pm


Divas: Love Me Forever* (2002)                                                          Canada

Dir: Anton Wagner                                                                              81 min

L.A. PREMIERE                                                                         Documentary

Black female impersonators from the Caribbean and the U.S. search for family, home and love in Toronto.

Sunday, 2/9, 3:15pm


Eko Eleko (One Man's Food is Another Man's Poison) (2002)           Nigeria

Dir: Bayo Salami                                                                               120 min

L.A. PREMIERE                                                                         Documentary

Using the sacred texts of Ese Ifa Oseogbe as a guide, Chief Priest Yemi Elebouibon, a priest in the Yoruba sacred tradition, draws upon the text to discuss family and personal relationships. Nigerian Television Classic.

Chief Priest Elebouibon will conduct a workshop and be available for personal spiritual consultations.

Wednesday, 2/12, 3:15pm Q&A


Essence of King & Queen (2002)                                                       USA

Dir: Shawn Marcus Taylor                                                                  15 min


In love and life nothing should be taken for granted. A story of soul mates in search of balance.

Friday, 2/7, 3:00pm Q&A


Everything's Jake (2002)                                                                  USA

Dir: Matthew Miele                                                                             90 min

WORLD PREMIERE                                                                           Feature

Jake is a homeless man living in New York City who's pretty content with his lot in life. He considers all of New York his home. His infectious enthusiasm and street-savvy attitude makes Jake a natural survivor and his optimism affects even the most straight-laced people he meets. Stars Ernie Hudson, Debbie Allen, Robin Givens, Lou Rawls, Lou Myers and Phyllis Diller. Cast members will be present.

Saturday, 2/15, 2:00pm; Sponsored by SEIU Local 660 African American Committee

Saturday, 2/15, 8:40pm; Monday, 2/17, 2:20pm


Faat Kine (2000)                                                                                Senegal

Dir: Ousmane Sembene                                                                     90 min


A chic, sexy "liberated" woman, forty-year-old single mother Faat Kine was born at the same time as Senegalese independence. Refusing to give-in to the shame of unwed motherhood and determined to succeed, she becomes a gas-station attendant. Although at first constantly harassed by male customers, she climbs the ladder of success normally reserved for men. Considered one of the world's great directors and the "Godfather of African Cinema," Ousmane Sembene crafts a beautifully told hopeful story of the changing roles of women in Senegalese society.

Monday, 2/10, 8:20pm; Tuesday, 2/11, 2:00pm; Wednesday, 2/12, 3:35pm; Monday, 2/17, 9:20pm


Face (2001)                                                                                           USA

Dir: Bertha Bay-Sa Pan                                                                      89 min


Set in Queens in the '70s and '90s, a coming-of-age story of two women caught between the conflicting cultures of their traditional heritage and the surrounding influence of urban life. A story of love, betrayals and redemption. Stars Treach.

Sunday, 2/9, 11:00am; Wednesday, 2/12, 8:45pm


Familiar Strangers (2003)                                                                    USA

Dir: Sy Richardson                                                                              19 min

WEST COAST PREMIERE                                                                    Short

Familiar strangers are people we see regularly but don't really know. Two African-American teenaged girls occupy the rear seat on a bus and converse in language that would make a sailor blush, opening a Pandora's Box as the cultures of the bus passengers collide.

Friday, 2/7, 1:30pm; Monday, 2/10, 1:30pm Q&A


Femi Kuti, What's Going On? (2001)                                             France/Nigeria

Dir: Jacques Goldstein                                                                       52 min

L.A. PREMIERE                                                                         Documentary

A portrait of the Afro-beat musician Femi Kuti, son of Fela Kuti, who created the Afro-beat style in the 1970s. Father and son have defined an African urban protest music that is contemporary with reggae and hip-hop.

Sunday, 2/9, 5:20pm; Wednesday, 2/12, 6:15pm; Thursday, 2/13, 8:20pm


First Time Home (2003)                                                                     USA

Dir: Stephen Minor                                                                             75 min

U.S. PREMIERE                                                                        Documentary

The crew from the Pan African Film Festival goes to post-apartheid South Africa to explore the people, the politics and the culture.

Saturday, 2/15, 4:30pm


Forbidden Wedding (Casamento Proibido) (2001)                           Brazil/USA

Dir: Flavia Fontes                                                                               56 min

L.A. PREMIERE                                                                         Documentary

A paraplegic from the age of 15, Hedir is forbidden to marry Mara because the Catholic Church suspects that he is sexually impotent. According to Vatican Law 1084, a person who cannot copulate cannot get married in the Church. An intimate account of their personal story and an exploration of disability rights, sexuality and faith.

Honorable Mention: Philadelphia International Film Festival

Friday, 2/14, 1:00pm Q&A


Free (Libre) (2002)                                                                          France

Dir: Jean-Pierre Saune                                                                       93 min

U.S. PREMIERE                                                                                 Feature

Eleven-year-old Hôr flees his war-torn land for Dakar. He is determined not to get mixed up in violence, drugs or prostitution, the daily lot of street children in the big city.

Jury Special Mention: Festival International de Programmes Audiovisuels-Biarritz

Thursday, 2/13, 6:05pm; Sunday, 2/16, 6:30pm


Freestyle (2001)                                                                               France

Dir: Caroline Chomienne                                                                    85 min

WEST COAST PREMIERE                                                                Feature

A look into the lives of young rappers in Belzunce, France. As they prepare for a concert, one of them - Karim - has disappeared.

Saturday, 2/8, 11:00am; Monday, 2/10, 3:55pm; Sunday, 2/16, 11:00am; Monday, 2/17, 12:25pm


From Florida to Coahuila-The History of the Black Seminoles (De Florida a Coahuila) (2002)      Mexico

Dir: Rafael Rebollar                                                                            50 min

U.S. PREMIERE                                                                        Documentary

Known as the Mascogos in Mexico and the Black Seminoles in the United States, some of these descendants of runaway slaves migrated west in the mid-1800s when US authorities forcibly took their Florida territories. They eventually resettled in northern Mexico, where they negotiated with the government to defend the border in exchange for tracts of land and citizenship.

Sunday, 2/16, 1:15pm



G (2002)                                                                                              USA

Dir: Christopher Scott-Cherot                                                             97 min


A Gatsby-esque love story set against hip-hop’s invasion of the Hamptons, New York. After ten years, two lovers are reunited only to find their circumstances have drastically changed. Summer G, now a rap mogul, has built an entertainment empire with the sole purpose of winning back the love of his life, Sky, now unhappily married to a philandering Wall Street executive. Stars Richard T. Jones, Blair Underwood and Chenoa Maxwell. Cast will be present.

Sunday, 2/16, 6:30pm Q&A


Glue Sniffer (1999)                                                                          Venezuela

Dir: Elia Schneider                                                                           105 min


A strong social commentary presented through the life of a homeless child on the streets of Caracas, Venezuela. This film literally leaps from today's headlines and gives an in-depth look at the class and social nature of the controversies surrounding the current president Hugo Chavez, who by his own words has the blood of Africa, indigenous people, and Spain flowing through his veins.  It was the Venezuelan entry in 2000 for Best Foreign Film Oscar.

Monday, 2/10, 1:35pm; Tuesday, 2/11, 8:10pm; Saturday, 2/15, 11:05am Q&A


God Is African (2002)                                                                     South Africa

Dir: Akin Omotoso                                                                              90 min

L.A. PREMIERE                                                                                  Feature

A coming of age story set at a fictitious South African university in Johannesburg, during the heady days following the 1994 general election, heralding the dawn of a new democracy. Two students organize to protest the treatment of Nigerian writer/environmentalist Ken Saro Wiwa.

Special Jury Prize: Durban International Film Festival

Friday, 2/7, 8:30pm; Saturday, 2/15, 4:10pm Q&A


Gully (2002)                                                                                          USA

Dir: Roderick D. Giles                                                                         13 min

L.A. PREMIERE                                                                                      Short

Tyson Beckford stars in this gripping psychological drama about a young street thug who is confronted about his life choices by an unforgiving accuser.

Friday, 2/7, 3:00pm; Monday, 2/10, 5:20pm

Harlem Aria                                                                                          USA

Dir: William Jennings                                                                       100 min



The uplifting, happy tale of a young man so determined to become a professional opera singer that he won't let anything, not even homelessness, a street hustler, or a depressed piano player deter him from his goal. Stars Damon Wayans, Malik Yoba, Gabriel Casseus, Christian Camargo, Edye Byrde, Kirsten Wilson and Paul Sorvino.

Sunday, 2/9, 6:05pm; Monday, 2/10, 7:00pm; Wednesday, 2/12, 1:15pm; Monday, 2/17, 6:40


Honeyboy (2002)                                                                                 USA

Dir: Scott Taradash                                                                             82 min

L.A. PREMIERE                                                                         Documentary

More than a biography of 87-year-old Delta Blues singer David "Honeyboy" Edwards, this film delivers the Blues, its roots, personal accounts of the Deep South before the civil rights movement, heartfelt stories of Edwards' missed recording opportunities and life on the road. Includes appearances by B.B. King, Sam Carr, Willie Foster and others.

President's Award for Best Documentary, Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival, 2002

Sunday, 2/9, 3:20pm; Monday, 2/17, 12:20pm


I’ll Sing for You (2001)                                                                   France

Dir: Jacques Sarasin                                                                          76 min

U.S. PREMIERE                                                                        Documentary

Singing of Independence in the 1960s, Boubacar "KarKar" Traoré was one of Mali's most popular musicians. Because his music was only played on the radio, he didn't earn enough money to support his family, forcing him to give up his music to work as a tailor and a salesman. After the death of his beloved wife, he left Mali for France and worked in construction. By a stroke of luck, a British producer heard one of his old recordings and helped revive his musical career. His story is told through beautiful black and white photographs and archival film combined with lyrical footage of present day Mali and KarKar's current music: a repertoire of bluesy ballads, mixing traditional, blues and Islamic influences.

Tuesday, 2/11, 4:10pm; Saturday, 2/15, 2:00pm

Jada Who? (2002)                                                                               USA

Dir: Alfred Robbins                                                                             10 min

WORLD PREMIERE                                                                              Short

Liza, a young lady from Queens, bears an uncanny resemblance to movie star Jada Pinkett-Smith. Using her looks to get the special perks that go along with celebrity, her playful game turns into a nightmare when she is kidnapped by a man who is obsessed with the real Jada.

Kodak Film Grant

Tuesday, 2/11, 6:05pm


Janet & Mark (2002)                                                                           USA

Dir: J. Gregory Lewis                                                                          30 min

WEST COAST PREMIERE                                                                    Short

A rich experiential journey through time, memory and emotion conveys the compelling portrait of soul mates in the aftermath of dissolution.

Tuesday, 2/11, 6:05pm; Thursday, 2/13, 6:10pm


Jeremiah Strong (2002)                                                                     USA

Dir: Kevin Shaw                                                                                  25 min

WEST COAST PREMIERE                                                                    Short

A drifter tries to make amends for past mistakes while searching for the road "home."

Tuesday, 2/11, 1:00pm; Thursday, 2/13, 1:45pm Q&A


Jimmy Scott: If You Only Knew (2002)                                               USA

Dir: Matthew Buzzell                                                                           78 min


An intimate portrait of 76-year-old jazz vocal legend Jimmy Scott. Exploring Scott's odyssey of loss and redemption through reminiscence, song and lush Japanese travelogue. With a backdrop of his fabulous music, we enjoy a glimpse into the life of this major artist whose voice was silenced for nearly twenty years.

Monday, 2/10, 1:30pm; Friday, 2/14, 6:05pm; Sunday, 2/16, 2:15pm Q&A


Journey to Little Rock: The Untold Story of Minnijean Brown Trickey (2002)   Canada

Dir: Rob Thompson                                                                             52 min

WEST COAST PREMIERE                                                           Documentary

A poignant and spirited documentary chronicling the remarkable life of Minnijean Brown Trickey, one of the first black students to attend an all-white high school in Little Rock, Arkansas, in 1957.

Inspiration Award - Global Visions Film Festival; Best Documentary Nominee - HOT DOCS Canadian International Documentary Festival

Friday, 2/14, 3:00pm; Sunday, 2/16, 3:45pm Q&A

Kabala (2002)                                                                                        Mali

Dir: Assane Kouyate                                                                         112 min

U.S. PREMIERE                                                                                 Feature

Kabala, a small village in Mali, has been hard hit by drought and is on the verge of dying. The sacred Well of the Ancestors, a powerful symbol of the village’s spirituality, is not only drying up but has become a dangerous source of cholera. To save the well and thereby the village, the well must be redrilled but the village holy man is opposed to it. A powerful questioning of the role of tradition.

Sunday, 2/9, 9:35pm; Monday, 2/17, 9:05pm


Karmen Gei* (2001)                                                                Senegal/France/Canada

Dir: J. Gay Ramaka                                                                            86 min



Loosely based upon the Bizet opera, Karmen Gei is about the infinite desire for freedom verses laws, conventions and human limitations. The story is the same... a handsome corporal falls for a beautiful, provocative woman...but the African ambience of this Carmen makes all the difference. A whirlwind of color, Senegalese dance and music, this is awesome African cinema. Contemporary jazz score by saxophonist David Murray.

Sunday, 2/9, 7:20pm; Tuesday, 2/11, 3:45pm


Keepintime (2001)                                                                               USA

Dir: B+                                                                                                 15 min


The historic meeting of legendary jazz and funk drummers with the hip-hop DJs whom they have influenced.

Thursday, 2/13, 8:20pm


Kevin's Room* (2001)                                                                        USA

Dir: Sharon Zurek                                                                               62 min


Five African-American gay men struggle with common issues related to their community, family and each other. Through participation in a support group, each man learns valuable lessons that will forever impact his life.

Friday, 2/7, 6:05pm

La Tropical (2001)                                                                             Cuba

Dir: David Turnley                                                                               93 min


A richly woven tapestry of contemporary life in Cuba set against the backdrop of one of Havana's oldest Afro-Cuban music and dance halls, La Tropical. The club was created in the early 1940s as a spot where black workers, barred from Havana's all-white establishments, could find music and beer flowing freely.

Best Documentary: Miami Film Festival; Second Best Documentary: Sarasota Film Festival

Friday, 2/14, 9:40pm; Sunday, 2/16, 4:15pm


L'Afrance (2001)                                                                        Senegal/France

Dir: Alain Gomis                                                                                 90 min


When a problem arises with his immigration papers, a young Senegalese student living in Paris gets caught up in a volatile situation that causes him to question his own identity--his past, his present and his future.

Silver Leopard of the Best First Feature Film - Locarno Intl Film Festival 2001; Golden Bayard of the Best Film - Namur Film Festival 2001; Toronto Intl Film Festival 2001;

Sundance Film Festival 2002

Saturday, 2/8, 8:30pm; Tuesday, 2/11, 6:45pm


Life's Journey (2002)                                                                         USA

Dir: James N. Bowman                                                                         4 min

L.A. PREMIERE                                                                                      Short

A weary traveler's search for the symbol of life.

Wednesday, 2/12, 1:00pm

Makibefo (2001)                                                                           UK/Madagascar

Dir: Alexander Abela                                                                          73 min


An intriguing African, story woven around Shakespeare's Macbeth. A tale of a man's quest for power through bloody ambition. Filmed in a fishing village in mystical Madagascar.

Sunday, 2/9, 8:45pm; Tuesday, 2/11, 6:15pm; Thursday, 2/13, 1:45pm; Friday, 2/14, 6:15pm


Man Made* (2002)                                                                               USA

Dir: Erma Elzy-Jones                                                                          15 min


After setting a tasty trap for her unfaithful boyfriend, a young woman takes a very enterprising approach to finding a new man.

3rd Prize: Black Filmmakers Hall of Fame FilmWorks Award

Friday, 2/7, 3:00pm Q&A


Mangwana (1998)                                                                       Zimbabwe

Dir: Manu Kurewa                                                                               26 min


A car crash brings about a chance encounter between two men who have never met on equal terms. A beautiful film full of insight and spirituality.

Sunday, 2/9, 5:20pm; Monday, 2/10, 3:15pm; Saturday, 2/15, 2:30pm


Mboutoukou (2002)                                                                   Cameroon

Dir: Victor Viyuoh                                                                                14 min


Twelve-year-old Napo overhears his older brother and his mother express doubts that he will be able to take over the man-of-the-house responsibilities when his brother goes to boarding school. Hurt by their doubts, he sets out to prove them wrong.

Monday, 2/10, 3:15pm Q&A


Mello's Kaleidoscope (2002)                                                             USA

Dir: Monikka Stallworth                                                                      20 min


A quirky, thought-provoking comedy explores the nature of reality and perception.

Saturday, 2/8, 1:00pm


Mighty Times: the Legacy of Rosa Parks (2002)                               USA

Dir: Bobby Houston                                                                             40 min


Within four days of Rosa Parks' arrest the 50,000 Black people of Montgomery, Alabama joined in a spontaneous boycott which has been called the "second American Revolution."

Grand Jury Prize: Berkeley Film & Video Festival; Platinum Prize: Columbus International Film Festival

Friday, 2/14, 3:00pm Q&A


Minister (2001)                                                                                 Eritrea

Dir: Temesghen Zehaie Abraha                                                       110 min


An epic-like story of a young Eritrean soldier who deserts the British army in order to protect his village from a marauding bandit.

Sunday, 2/16, 8:45pm


My Nappy Roots: a Documentary about African American Hair-itage (2002)     USA

Dir: Regina Kimbell                                                                            20 min

WORLD PREMIERE                                                                  Documentary

A chronicle of the unique cultural phenomenon that is Black hair.

Friday, 2/14, 1:00pm; Saturday, 2/15, 2:30pm Q&A

Nat Turner (2003)                                                                                USA

Dir: Charles Burnett                                                                            58 min

L.A. PREMIERE                                                                         Documentary

A hero in the Black community and hated in the White community, Nat Turner has remained an enigma throughout history. A portrait of Nat Turner from the time of his revolt in 1831 until now is examined through the words of 10 Black writers who responded to the controversial 1968 book The Confessions of Nat Turner. Starring Carl Lumbly and Tommy Hicks.

Sunday, 2/16, 11:30am; Monday, 2/17, 9:15pm Q&A


Nha Fala (My Voice)* (2001)                                                                France

Dir: Flora Gomes                                                                                90 min

U.S. PREMIERE                                                                                 Feature

A rare African musical. The exciting and sensual Vita, a young woman about to depart from her home in Guinea Bissau for France, must never sing. An ancient curse passed from generation to generation has it that any woman in her family who sings will die. Don't let the pretty faces and wonderful music deceive you--this is a political film. Famed African musician Manu Dibango wrote the score.

Sunday, 2/9, 1:05pm; Friday, 2/14, 8:10pm; Monday, 2/17, 6:55pm

Ocoee: Legacy of the Election Day Massacre (2002)                           USA

Dir: Bianca White & Sandra Krasa                                                     27 min

WEST COAST PREMIERE                                                           Documentary

The African-American community in Ocoee was once one of Florida’s most prosperous.

On Election Day 1920, it was destroyed and erased from Ocoee's history. The events that ensued when two Black men exercised their right to vote are exposed through the voices of the great-grandson of the man who was lynched and the grandson of the man who led the lynch mob.

Saturday, 2/8, 3:40pm; Wednesday, 2/12, 1:00pm


Of Men and Gods* (2002)                                                                 Haiti

Dir: Anne Lescot & Laurence Magloire                                              52 min


Prevalent, yet still taboo, homosexuality and gay culture are allowed to flourish within the context of Haiti's Vodou religion. As "children of the gods," the men find an explanation for homosexuality as well as divine protection. They also find an outlet for theatrical expression through exhilarating performances in which they embody the gods. Meanwhile, the AIDS epidemic looms as a continual threat and adds a disquieting degree of nihilism to their relatively optimistic attitudes toward life.

Vues d'Afrique Film Festival, Montreal: Chantal Lapaire Award

Friday, 2/7, 6:05pm


One Quiet Suburban Night* (2001)                                                USA

Dir: Robbie Pickering                                                                           7 min


A burglar robs a house and makes his way to the front door to escape, where he is greeted by an unlikely "visitor."

Student Film Finalist: Hollywood Black Film Festival; Short Film Finalist: Urbanworld Film Festival

Tuesday, 2/11, 1:00pm

Partners of the Heart (2002)                                                            USA

Dir: Andrea Kalin                                                                                58 min


Against the backdrop of segregation, a Black carpenter's apprentice changes the course of medical history. With only a high school degree, Vivien Thomas became a cardiac pioneer and a teacher of two generations of America's premier heart surgeons at a time when he could not become one himself. A compelling story of personal triumph. Narrated by Morgan Freeman.

Monday, 2/10, 3:50pm; Wednesday, 2/12, 1:00pm                         


Passing Through (1977)                                                                    USA

Dir: Larry Clark                                                                                 105 min


A young musician returns from prison with memories of the Black struggle, Attica and Birmingham burned in his mind, only to be confronted with the economic and cultural oppression of the recording industry. An eloquent and powerful testament to the spirit of Black music told through the relationship between the young musician and his musical mentor. Believed by some to be the best jazz film ever made. Screenplay by Ted Lange and Larry Clark with appearance by the late Horace Tapscott.

Saturday, 2/8, 8:45pm. Hosted by KAOS Network


Prenups (2002)                                                                                    USA

Dir: Chad Harris                                                                                  22 min

WORLD PREMIERE                                                                              Short

When one thinks of prenuptial agreements, attorneys and contracts come to mind. But for a young couple on their way to elope, it isn't just a printed contract, it’s an agreement to love each other in spite of premarital doubts and temptations.

Friday, 2/14, 1:00pm Q&A


Profit and Nothing But (2001)                                                          Haiti

Dir: Raoul Peck                                                                                   57 min


From the director of "Lumumba," a pertinent and impertinent exploration of the profit motive and its consequences on our daily lives, history and outlook for the future.

Friday, 2/7, 6:05pm; Sunday, 2/9, 11:00am

Quest to Ref (2002)                                                                            USA

Dir: Guy Guillet                                                                                   15 min


A young man's single-minded obsession to become an NBA referee is tested in the hardest game of his career.

HBO Short Film Award: American Black Film Festival

Saturday, 2/8, 8:25pm; Wednesday, 2/12, 7:00pm Q&A


Rebel in the Soul (2002)                                                                    USA

Dir: Marie-Francoise Theodore                                                          13 min

L.A. PREMIERE                                                                                      Short

Based on true-life events in 1915, transcending time, space and class, two African-American women who never meet rebel against the "rules" of society and pay the ultimate price for their defiance.

Friday, 2/7, 3:00pm; Monday, 2/10, 5:20pm


Red Satin (2002)                                                                             Tunisia

Dir: Raja Amari                                                                                 100 min


A widow with pent-up sexual energy focuses her attention on her teen-aged daughter whose growing independence leaves her feeling anxious and superfluous. One night, while searching for her daughter, she stops at the local cabaret and finds herself drawn into the tantalizing world of belly dancing. Her visits to the cabaret become a nightly ritual that she keeps secret from her daughter and her snobbish neighbor. After initial reluctance, she joins the dancers on stage, awakening her repressed sexuality.

Saturday, 2/15, 6:20pm; Sunday, 2/16, 9:20pm


Royal Bonbon (2002)                                                                Haiti/Canada/France

Dir: Charles Najman                                                                           85 min


An intriguing madman wanders the streets of Cap-Haïtien dreaming he is King Christophe, a liberated slave who defeated Napoleon in 1804, creating an independent Haiti and causing Napoleon to sell the Louisiana Purchase to the U.S. He takes refuge in the grandiose ruins of Christophe's palace, accompanied by Timothy, a young street kid. For a few days the past grandeur of Haiti, the world’s first Black republic, is recreated through the delusions of a madman. "This spirit-filled tragi-comedy merges fact and fantasy, memory and myth, to unearth the mystical roots of modern-day Haiti." - Gaylene Gould

Saturday, 2/8, 2:25pm; Sunday, 2/16, 11:05am; Monday, 2/17, 4:35pm

Sacred is the Flesh (2001)                                                                USA

Dir: Carl Seaton                                                                                  94 min


After a young couple move from a small town to Hollywood they find their values corrupted. Slowly they destroy their relationship with each other and with all of the people who have loved and supported them. A fascinating study of what happens to those who become addicted to status and fame. Stars Nas, Isaiah Washington, Chenoa Maxwell.

Sunday, 2/9, 8:40pm; Friday, 2/14, 10:10pm; Monday, 2/17, 7:00pm


Salvation (2002)                                                                                   USA

Dir: Bruce R. Schwartz                                                                        30 min

WORLD PREMIERE                                                                              Short

An adaptation of a chapter from Langston Hughes' autobiography, "The Big Sea", recalling a church revival meeting Hughes attended as a child where he pretended to be "saved from sin."

Thursday, 2/13, 6:10pm Q&A


See the Truth (2001)                                                                          USA

Dir: Jerold Howard                                                                          8 1/2 min

L.A. PREMIERE                                                                                      Short

Animation is used to tell the story of a well-meaning parent as he experiences an epiphany and is forced to re-evaluate what he had been taught as a child as well as what he has been teaching his own child.

Saturday, 2/8, 1:00pm; Tuesday, 2/11, 6:05pm; Wednesday, 2/12, 7:00pm


Short Hymn-Silent War (2002)                                                       Canada

Dir: Charles Officer                                                                             20 min


A pictorial drama that weaves the thoughts and memories of four African-Canadian women whose lives are altered when gun violence claims the life of two young men.

Sunday, 2/9, 11:00am


Shouting Silent (2002)                                                                 South Africa

Dir: Renee Rosen & Xoliswa Sithole                                                  50 min


Told through the eyes of Xoliswa Sithole, an adult orphan who lost her mother to HIV/AIDS in 1996, a look at the children of AIDS victims most of whom are slipping through the cracks of society without love, nourishment, or guidance from parents or mentors.

Friday, 2/7, 3:40pm


sIDney (2002)                                                                                       USA

Dir: Malik Booth                                                                                  15 min


A hit man, Sidney has a run-in with his boss, Clarissa, about his immoral style of killing. Clarissa scares Sidney into memories of his war-torn life in Bosnia, which triggers his conscience to haunt him and eventually leads to his redemption.

Friday, 2/7, 3:00pm Q&A


Sigmund the See Monster (2002)                                                       USA

Dir: Van Elder                                                                                     15 min

L.A. PREMIERE                                                                                      Short

Sigmund Floyd must choose to spend the weekend with his girlfriend, Rhonda, or his recently widowed mother. Rhonda is ready to leave the relationship. Sigmund seeks the help of an offbeat psychiatrist.

Friday, 2/7, 3:00pm Q&A


Silence (2002)                                                                                      USA

Dir: Mateen O. Kemet                                                                         23 min

L.A. PREMIERE                                                                                      Short

The poetically visual story of the life and times of a troubled 16-year-old girl living in the Bronx examines the cycles of abuse that exist within a dysfunctional family.

DGA Award: Honorable Mention; 2nd Place: Black Filmmakers Hall of Fame

Friday, 2/7, 1:30pm Q&A


Sisters in Cinema (2003)                                                                   USA

Dir: Yvonne Welbon                                                                            57 min

WORLD PREMIERE                                                                  Documentary

A fascinating historical overview of the lives and films of African-American women feature film directors from the early 20th century to the present. Includes interviews with Stephanie Allain, Neema Barnette, Julie Dash, Zeinabu irene Davis, Cheryl Dunye, Shari Frilot, Dianne Houston, Kasi Lemmons, Vanessa Middleton, Ruby Oliver, Euzhan Palcy, Joy (Shannon) S’hani Ache, Cauleen Smith and Alison Swan.

Saturday, 2/15, 6:30pm Q&A


Sonny Listening (2003)                                                                     USA

Dir: Sheldon Candis                                                                           15 min

WORLD PREMIERE                                                                              Short

An isolated boy frequently finds himself bullied on the school playground. After another brutal butt-kicking, he wanders aimlessly until he stumbles on an abandoned gym. Squeezing through a rusty door, he meets caretaker Nick "Golden Gloves" Archibald, who teaches him the fundamentals of boxing and the most important lesson of all--listening to your heart.

Wednesday, 2/12, 7:00pm; Thursday, 2/13, 6:10pm Q&A




Standing In the Shadows of Motown (2002)                                     USA

Dir: Paul Justman                                                                             108 min


Known as the Funk Brothers, they put the backbeat -- the soul -- into the countless hits of Motown Records for such legendary performers as the Supremes, the Temptations, Marvin Gaye, Stevie Wonder, Smokey Robinson and the Miracles and many others. Creating music that helped to define the era of the 1960s, providing a soundtrack to the civil rights movement, Vietnam War protests and the social upheavals of the time the Funk Brothers played on more #1 records than the Beatles, the Beach Boys, the Rolling Stones and Elvis Presley combined. Combines exclusive interviews, archival footage, re-enactments, reminiscences and incredible new performances by the reunited Funk Brothers. Joining the legendary hit-machine onstage are contemporary vocalists such as Ben Harper, Joan Osborne, Meshell Ndegeocello and Montell Jordan and R&B greats Chaka Khan, Gerald Levert and Bootsy Collins. If you don’t leave singing after this one, pinch yourself, you may be dead.

Best Non-Fiction Film: New York Film Critics Circle Awards; Nominee: Best Documentary: Broadcast Film Critics Association Critics' Choice Award

Thursday, 2/13, 6:45pm  Followed by Back to the Sixties Afterparty


Stolen Moments (2001)                                                                     USA

Dir: Shaka King                                                                                   26 min

L.A. PREMIERE                                                                         Documentary

Exclusive interviews with Russell Simmons, Harry Allen, Rah Goddess and others explore the effects of global capitalism on hip-hop music.

Second Prize: Cine Noir Festival, Wilmington NC; Third Prize: San Francisco Black Film Festival

Sunday, 2/9, 11:00am; Saturday, 2/15, 12:00pm Q&A


Strange & Charmed (2003)                                                               USA

Dir: Shari Frilot                                                                                   14 min

WORLD PREMIERE                                                                              Short

The love lives of an 8-year-old girl, a 20-something lesbian and a 40-something accountant are told from the point of view of two Quarks (subatomic particles) called Strange and Charmed.

Saturday, 2/15, 6:30pm Q&A

The Actual Importance ... (of Being Somewhat Earnest) (2002)         USA

Dir: Leona Whitney Beatty                                                                  15 min

L.A. PREMIERE                                                                                      Short

A romantic comedy that delves into the heads of two best friends who can't seem to find the words to admit their true feelings for each other.

Friday, 2/7, 1:30pm; Friday, 2/14, 3:30pm Q&A


The Ball (2001)                                                                                Mozambique

Dir: Orlando Mesquita                                                                          5 min


In a small village in Mozambique, little boys are the great consumers of condoms. With two of them, plus some rags, plastic bags and string, the boys can make a tough football in 10 minutes.

Apollo Award for Best African Film: Apollo Film Festival; Special Jury Prize-Youth Jury: Cannes International Film Festival

Sunday, 2/9, 11:00am


The Beat (2002)                                                                                   USA

Dir: Brandon Sonnier                                                                          85 min


After his brother is brutally stabbed in an alleyway in South Central LA, Flip is dealt an ultimatum by his overbearing father: get a job that brings in a steady paycheck or pursue his passion to become a rapper and live on the street. Overwhelmed by the choice, Flip is thrust into a surreal, bifurcated fantasy world where he lives out both destinies simultaneously, haunted by the tragic circumstances of his brother's death. As his two lifelines unreel, Flip must ultimately confront what gives pulse and meaning to his existence. Stars Rahman Jamaal, featuring Coolio and Brian McKnight.

Friday, 2/14, 8:00pm; Monday, 2/17, 2:30pm


The Best of Both Worlds* (2003)                                                        USA

Dir: Lesley Thomas                                                                               8 min

L.A. PREMIERE                                                                                      Short

An exploration of what happens when a young woman decides to ignore her instincts about her man. It takes "having your cake and eating it too" to a whole new level.

Tuesday, 2/11, 6:05pm Q&A


The Call (2001)                                                                                     USA

Dir: Princess Monique                                                                        25 min

WORLD PREMIERE                                                                              Short

A woman's past sexual relationships come back to haunt her.

Friday, 2/7, 1:30pm Q&A


The Corporate Negro (2001)                                                                USA

Dir: Pstola.com                                                                                     6 min

L.A. PREMIERE                                                                                      Short

A short comedy exploring the dual life of the Black man in corporate America.

Saturday, 2/8, 1:00pm Q&A


The Forgotten Roots (La Raiz Olvidada) (2001)                                 Mexico

Dir: Rafael Rebollar                                                                            50 min

L.A. PREMIERE                                                                         Documentary

An historical survey of Mexico's often overlooked African population takes us from the slavery era to today's Afro-Mexican communities in Guerrero, Oaxaca, Campeche, Morelos and Veracruz.

Sunday, 2/16, 1:15pm


The Greatest Story Never Told (2002)                                                 USA

Dir: P. Platter                                                                                      11 min

WORLD PREMIERE                                                                              Short

A secret agent is assigned to surveil a writer who has the goods on the federal reserve bank.

Saturday, 2/8, 6:30pm Q&A


The Guguletu Seven (2001)                                                             South Africa

Dir: Lindy Wilson                                                                                83 min

WEST COAST PREMIERE                                                               Documentary

In March 1986, seven young black men were shot to death by the police in Cape Town’s Guguletu Township. Despite eyewitness reports to the contrary, the police insisted they acted in self-defense. A decade later and after the fall of apartheid, investigators from the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) employ their investigative powers to get past the blue wall of silence to uncover the shocking truth. A timely and instructive account of a nation's struggle to expose and document the horrors of the past while seeking reconciliation and peace for the future.

Silver Dhow Award: Zanzibar International Film Festival

Friday, 2/7, 1:00pm; Wednesday, 2/12, 10:10pm


The Killing Zone (2002)                                                                  USA/Ghana

Dir: Joe Brewster                                                                                80 min

WORLD PREMIERE                                                                           Feature

An African psychiatrist working in inner-city Brooklyn witnesses the death of his best friend at the hands of a 12-year-old homeless boy. Dr. Malcolm Ojewcu is now compelled to search for this killer.

Sunday, 2/9, 1:00pm; Thursday, 2/13, 8:15pm; Monday, 2/17, 4:55pm Q&A


The Life (2001)                                                                                     USA

Dir: Rolando Hudson                                                                          15 min


When a twist of fate lands 70-something Emiline Crane at the gates of heaven prematurely, she is sent back to Earth in the body of a much younger woman. Stars Mary Alice.

Wednesday, 2/12, 1:30pm; Wednesday, 2/12, 7:00pm; Friday, 2/14, 3:30pm; Saturday, 2/15, 2:30pm


The Murder of Emmett Till (2003)                                                       USA

Dir: Stanley Nelson                                                                             52 min


An examination of the horrific lynching of a 14-year old boy in Mississippi in 1955 that stirred an entire generation of African-Americans, leading directly to the civil rights and Black Power movements.  A film that should not be missed.

Friday, 2/7, 6:05pm; Sunday, 2/16, 11:30am; Monday, 2/17, 9:15pm


The Myth* (2001)                                                                                 USA

Dir: Lena D. Wilson                                                                            15 min


The comedic exploits of a 19-year-old African-American male virgin as he tries to overcome his fear of getting "jiggy" with the opposite sex.

Showtime Black Filmmakers Showcase

Tuesday, 2/11, 1:00pm Q&A


The Other World (L' Autre Monde) (2001)                                        Algeria

Dir: Merzak Allouache                                                                        97 min


A modern French-Algerian woman goes looking for her fiancé who has suddenly disappeared in war torn and traumatized Algeria.

Monday, 2/10, 6:05pm; Thursday, 2/13, 4:10pm


The Price of Forgiveness (2001)                                                       Senegal

Dir: Mansour Sora Wade                                                                    90 min

L.A. PREMIERE                                                                                  Feature

This beautifully shot, allegorical fable rooted in the West African griot storytelling tradition recounts the mysterious events which befell a fishing village on the south coast of Senegal. An unearthly fog sets in motion a chain of events which lead a man driven insane by jealousy to murder his love rival and boyhood friend.

Saturday, 2/8, 6:05pm; Thursday, 2/13, 1:30pm Q&A


The Saint of Fort Washington (1993)                                                USA

Dir: Tim Hunter                                                                                 103 min


After meeting in the prison-like Ft. Washington shelter, two homeless men befriend and support one another in their harsh world. When the shelter becomes more dangerous than the streets, they flee in order to survive. Washing cars, selling produce and struggling, the two men are constantly on the move and dream of an apartment of their own. As the two become closer, the mystical healing powers of one is revealed. He can cure bullet wounds and arthritis with the touch of his hands, but unfortunately, he cannot ensure their physical safety. Stars Danny Glover and Matt Dillon.

Friday, 2/7, 1:00pm


The Taste of Dirt (2002)                                                                    USA

Dir: Yvonne Welbon                                                                            12 min


In 1970, race and class issues are experienced by a 7-year-old African-American girl on the playground of her local school.

Tuesday, 2/11, 1:00pm; Wednesday, 2/12, 7:00pm; Saturday, 2/15, 6:30pm Q&A


The World is a Drum (2000)                                                             USA

Dir: Carlos Spivey                                                                                 5 min


Animated claymation about the evolution of the African-American drumming community from the conga-driven 1960s to the robust and fiery Djembe of the 1970s.

Thursday, 2/13, 8:20pm


To Sleep With Anger (1990)                                                             USA

Dir: Charles Burnett                                                                          105 min


Family tensions are heightened when a mysterious houseguest comes to visit. Highly recommended for its vivid performances, appealing music and insightful evocation of African-American middle-class life. A Film Classic starring Sheryl Lee Ralph, Carl Lumbly, Vonetta McGee, Mary Alice and Danny Glover.



Tootsie Roll (2002)                                                                             USA

Dir: Jessica Peavy                                                                          9 1/2 min

L.A. PREMIERE                                                                                      Short

A woman's journey of self-discovery and the realization that Black is Beautiful.

Saturday, 2/8, 1:00pm; Thursday, 2/13, 6:10pm


Triomfeer (2001)                                                                             South Africa

Dir: J.H. Beetage                                                                                18 min


A retired policeman living with his son in Triomf is forced to confront his demons when a man arrives to dig a hole in his garden, unearthing a terrible secret. His son is horrified, but grateful for the chance to lay old hatreds to rest. Superbly acted and well-crafted, the film offers a heart-wrenching yet inspiring vision of reconciliation flowering on the bones of the dead.

Best Student Film, 2002: Apollo Film Festival

Sunday, 2/9, 11:00am; Monday, 2/10, 3:15pm

Unchained Memories - Readings from the Slave Narratives (2003)          USA

Dir: Ed Bell & Thomas Lennon                                                           73 min


Dramatic readings, along with archival photographs, music, film and period images, provide a unique historical record of life as a slave in the years before the Civil War - from slave auctions to the brutal daily hardships to emancipation. Powerful accounts of former slaves told through interviews read by such celebrated actors such as Samuel L. Jackson, Vanessa L. Williams, Angela Bassett, Ozzie Davis, Jasmine Guy, Ruby Dee, Don Cheadle and Robert Guillaume. Whoopi Goldberg narrates.

Tuesday, 2/11, 9:45pm


Under Another Sky (2002)                                                            Algeria/France

Dir: Gael Morel                                                                                   90 min


Samy is a fast-living young Frenchman who suddenly finds himself the perpetrator of a hit-and-run car accident. Driven by guilt, he leaves France for his motherland Algeria, a land and a people who, like Samy, carry dark secrets.

Monday, 2/10, 7:15pm; Thursday, 2/13, 9:30pm


Unprecedented: the 2000 Presidential Election (2002)                     USA

Dir: Richard Ray Perez & Joan Sekler                                               50 min


The riveting story of the battle for the American presidency in Florida in 2000 and the disenfranchisement of 1000s of African Americans. It reveals the undermining of democracy in America and how George W. Bush stole this election and got away with it.

Saturday, 2/8, 3:40pm Q&A

Vivian (2002)                                                                                         USA

Dir: Aimee Dixon                                                                                23 min

WEST COAST PREMIERE                                                                    Short

Once a month, Erin, a focused young woman, has an untimely visit by her close friend, Vivian, who is obtrusive and melodramatic. Vivian strains Erin's otherwise orderly life, especially where her relationship with her good-natured boyfriend, Sean, is concerned.

Best Short: Roxbury Film Festival

Tuesday, 2/11, 6:05pm; Wednesday, 2/12, 7:00pm Q&A


Vivienne Gibson-Forbes: Portrait of a Film Extra (2002)                       UK

Dir: Abi Fisher                                                                                     17 min

L.A. PREMIERE                                                                                      Short

The film is a spoof documentary about Vivienne Gibson-Forbes, doyenne of black film extras.

Best Actress - Jay Byrd: bfm International Film Festival

Monday, 2/10, 3:15pm 

Waiting for Happiness (2002)                                                  Mauritania/France

Dir: Abderrahmane Sissako                                                                95 min


Young Abdallah returns home to bid farewell to his mother before embarking on a journey to Europe. Back in the bosom of his family, he is witness to the antics of their charismatic neighbors.

Sunday, 2/9, 6:30pm; Friday, 2/14, 3:55pm; Monday, 2/17, 10:10am


Wanted: Soulful Energy Xchange* (2001)                                         USA

Dir: Allen Sowelle                                                                               16 min


Can sex be something you think your way through, or is it possible to have a truly soulful energy xchange?

Tuesday, 2/11, 1:00pm Q&A


Water (2002)                                                                                 Italy/USA

Dir: Gabriele Zamparini                                                                      14 min

U.S. PREMIERE                                                                                     Short

A young continental-born African man battles loneliness and loss of identity in Harlem until an African sister spirits him home.

Saturday, 2/8, 1:00pm; Tuesday, 2/11, 6:05pm


West Papua (2002)                                                                 New Guinea/France

Dir: Damien Faure                                                                              52 min


An unofficial war has been raging in West Papua for over 30 years between the West Papuans and the Indonesian army. Interviews with members of the Movement for the Liberation of West Papua (OPM) reveal their daily trials and bear witness to their struggle to retain their identity.

Friday, 2/7, 3:40pm; Tuesday, 2/11, 1:15pm; Saturday, 2/15, 12:00pm Q&A


Whispers (1999)                                                                                  USA

Dir: Carlos Spivey                                                                                 7 min


A couple reaffirms their love for each other and their cultural heritage.

Sunday, 2/9, 7:20pm; Saturday, 2/15, 8:40pm