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All SPAGHETTI JUNCTIONS URBAN FILM FESTIVAL film screenings will take place at the host venue, Embassy Suites Hotel @ Centennial Park , unless otherwise indicated.  And all of our screenings are FREE to the public!  Come early and enjoy!



10am - 12 :30 pm  

The SJUFF presents its Jr. Cinematographers Program. Features Careers in the Media panel and films suitable for young people. 


Careers in the Media panel discussion for teens.

11:00am  Fearless Grasshopper 

Animated short by Gettosake Entertainment.

11:03am  Chocolate Thunder

Animated short by Gettosake Entertainment.

11:10am   Roll, 3 minutes

Walter Ellis, the first African American competitive roller skater, gained notoriety with a winning 20 year career. Roll looks back on Walter’s skating career after he returns to the rink following a long hiatus. A film by Michelle Cabalu.

11:15am  Through the Eyes of Immigrants, 22 minutes


11:35am Novac, Teen Video, 4 minutes 

New Orleans teens talk about their lives, social concerns, and dreams in this series of seven public service announcements.

11:45am  All Flash No Cash, 22 minutes

A critical look at the credit card industry [which targets teens], this film investigates the consequences of embracing the “buy now pay later” philosophy. A film by Julie Criniere.

12:10pm  Change the Game, 10 minutes

PSA urging youth to take an "activist" stance on community and national issuesA film by DeVaughn Hughson.

1:00pm Jeremiah Strong, 22 minutes 

While searching for a low rent apartment, a drifter discovers that finding affordable housing isn’t the only difficulty one must experience in life. A film by Kevin Shaw.

1:35pm  A Song for Jade, 23 minutes

A man reflects on a missed opportunity he had with a former
A film by Shari Lynn Himes.  

2:10pm  Room 302, 15minutes 

Two women’s lives are changed when they witness a murder.

2:25pm  Laviche’, 30 minutes 

Laviche’ takes the problem afflicting Haitians in Haiti and juxtaposes them with the multitudes of Haitians detained in Florida immigration jails. A film by Jean-Rene’ Rinvil.

3:15pm  Savage Roses, 1minute 45 seconds 

A street wise Latina is torn between her Bronx gang and the woman she loves. A film by Joshua Nelson.

7:00pm   Vivian, 22 minutes

Erin White, a focused law school graduate, is abruptly and unavoidably disturbed by free-flowing "Vivian", who undeniably leaves her mark.  A film by Aimee Dixon. 

7:40pm   Man-Made 15 minutes

After setting a tasty trap for her unfaithful boyfriend, a young woman takes a very enterprising approach to finding a new man.   A film by Deborah Ward.

8:00pm  Dennis Charles: An Interrupted Conversation, 75 mins.

The story of one man’s struggle to follow his dream and the obstacles he encounters in his professional and personal
A film by Veronique N. Doumbe.



9:00 am  anotherloverholeinyourhead, 97minutes

Errol Flynt finds out what love costs when he cheats on the wrong woman. A film by Lionel Elder.

10:50am  Love thy Neighbor, 26 minutes

A deranged man uses his time to find love among his female neighbors.  A film by Antonio “Kid” Curry.

11:30am  Willie Brown : War, 20 minutes

A Vietnam veteran returns home from the war and has difficulty assimilating back into society. He believes his only hope is getting married to his son’s mother and collecting marriage benefits. A film by Marc Prince.

12:00pm  Destiny’s Eye, 22 minutes

How advertisers and marketers penetrate the psyche of young people and why teens are so vulnerable to the
influences of corparate America.
A film by Joan Jubela.

12:30pm  Driving Fish, 30 minutes

Aubretta Elaine Young is perfect on the outside and crumbling on the inside. She makes her way through life fishing for meaningful
connections but always finds a reason to throw back the catch. When life becomes so painful that she needs to seek help, she finds it in the from of Linda Lee, the nocturnal, incredibly successful heart healer. Finally,Aubretta is forced to look at her past as a way to change the possibilities of her future.
A film by Craig and Rosalyn Coleman-Williams

1:00pm  The Village, 22 minutes

A raw and touching chronicle of a mental health service agency’s
efforts to help their clients through the life experiences that most of us take for granted and give them a chance when no one else will.
A film by Michelle Cabalu.  

1:30pm   The Angry Heart, 56 minutes

Explores the impact of racism and heart disease among African Americans through the moving story of one man, Keith Hartgrove. Compelling interviews with doctors, researchers, family, church and community members help viewers examine this controversial issue. A film by Jay Fedigan.  

2:40pm  Uncle Ralph, 13 minutes

A look at Video Music Box visionary Ralph McDaniels.  A film by Mark Eschoe.

3:00  Silence, 23 minutes

A deep, emotionally charged look at family dysfunction seen through the eyes of a 16 year old girl who is pursued by ancient African spirits.  A film by Mateen O. Kemet.

3:25pm  What happened? 15 minutes

Three people witness a shooting, but all recant a different version.  A film by Michael Martin.

3:45pm  Through The Storm, 22minutes

Explores the lives of three African American women during the
American Civil War by way of a Black Historical Romance novel and the filmmakers' life.
A film by Urica L. Pope.

6:30pm  Borderline, 96 minutes

An in-depth look at teen society, Borderline follows Elliot Garcia through his hardships with girls, parents, school, work, friends and life.  A film by Osama Alhabeeb.

8:30pm  Bloody Streets, 83 minutes

After his son is killed in a drive-by shooting, a man embraces the 'way of the gun' as not just a lifestyle, but as a means of avenging his loss.  A film by Gerald Barclay.


9:00am Reflections, 89minutes

A wicked tale of a man’s triumphs over tribulations and his journey to become one of the top film producers in the world.

10:40am   The Judgement, 26 minutes. 

Film based on the last days of Adolf Hitler.  A film by Gerald White.

11:15am   The Quest to Express, 25 minutes.  A film by Jeremy Engle
11:45am  Conscience and The Constitution, 90 minutes. 

In 1944, eighty-five Japanese-Americans refused to be drafted out
of a Wyoming internment camp. They were willing to fight, but not until their families were freed. 

1:15pm   The Fuzz and The Jive, 41minutes

In groovy 1975, the fuzz has the scoop on the murder of Evelyn Manchester and there are three primary suspects.  The fuzz is on the the jive and somebody's gonna take the rap, dig Daddy?  A film by Troy Whitehurst.

2:10pm  When Does It Stop, 16 minutes 

Peers into the murder of a young man, its impact on his family, and its perpetuation of the cycle of violence.  A film by Derek Koen.

2:30pm  Anti-Vigilante, 33 minutes. 

A family struggles with racism and stereotypes following the 9/11 attacks.  A film by Joshua Bee Alafia.

3:10pm  A Final Wish, 15 minutes 

After losing her life in a fit of jealous rage, Patti returns to life for one final wish. A film by Ose Oyamendan.

3:30pm  Marcus Garvey, Look for Me in the Whirlwind,82 mins.

Historical documentary about Marcus Garvey.  A film by Stanley Nelson.

5:30pm  Pay The Price, 136 minutes

College students cope with alcoholism, sexism, and racism, while
dealing with the pressure of other tough demands. They learn that to become members of the college marching band they must pay a heavy price that includes mental, physical and verbal abuse.
A film by Darryl Lassiter.

8:05pm   Real Dads- Black Men on Fatherhood, 27 minutes

Explores the unique role fathers play in the lives of their children. Through the eyes of positive black men, these varied perspectives come together to create a common theme portraying the vital importance of a father’s love.  A film by  Derek Phillips.

8:35pm  Cubamour: A celebration of Afro-Cuban Religion and Music, 95 minutes

A journey into the hearts of the protagonists who are in search of love that transcends culture, economic embargo and class. A film by Joshua Bee Alafia.



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