Bryant Lake Bowl

Sunday, September 22, 7:30pm

Véronique N. Doumbé, 2002, 75 mins
If it's true that Jazz Music represents being triumphant in the face of adversity, then Denis Charles is the perfect jazz musician. Born in the Caribbean, sent to his mother in New York at a young age, by a well meaning father, who snuck off the plane once Denis was secured, Denis Charles sustained a diverse and nomadic career. In his early days he anchored legends like Cecil Taylor, Steve Lacy, Don Cherry, and Jimmy Giuffre (who stopped using a drummer when Denis left). His later years, like some other brilliant New York musicians (Charles Gayle for one) were spent homeless, surrounding himself with young creative musicians(such as Susie Ibarra, seen performing a marvelous duet with Charles) who admired his gentle spirit, and fierce devotion to his craft. DENIS CHARLES: AN INTERUPTED CONVERSATION perfectly captures the humor and sweetness of this fearless musician, who, it can be said, literally played for his life.
(Jim Dempsey)